10,000 messages more sent to KDE project

15-Mar-06: After a two hard-working weeks, we have translated 10,000 messages more for the next KDE 3.5.2 which is probably came out during this month. In total we have translated 33,282 messages which bring Khmer to 48th rank in the list. You can see the list at http://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/stable/toplist.php. Please be noticed that this date is the deadline for KDE 3.5.2 translation so we will not do any big changes to what we have right now. Of cause, we still have to do some correction to make the translation as good as possible for the next KDE release (4.0). Since some KDE applications have their release date independent from KDE, so we will try to have them translated also after this date.