Applications in Khmer (Moyura, Mekhala, OpenOffice...)

Several programs have been localized to the Khmer language and are now available on the Windows platform. They will soon also be available of Linux (after some Khmer script problems on Linux are solved):

Moyura 1.0.7 (for Windows, 8.1 MB)

A very advanced e-mail client based on the code of Thunderbird 1.0.7 It has been improved by the KhmerOS team to support 800x600 resolution screens (Thunderbird only suports (1024 x 780 monitors). Moyura is also multilingual; it permits changing language directly from one of the menus. It requires that the computer is prepared for Khmer Unicode.

Mekhala 1.0.7 (for Windows, 4.9 Mb)

An Internet browser based on Firefox 1.0.7, the latest browser to appear in the market, much more advanced than Microsoft IE. It has been improved by the KhmerOS team to be multi-lingual.

OpenOffice 2.0

OpenOffice is one of the most powerful office suites in existance, comparable only to MS Office. It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a tool for presentations, a mathematical formula program and a drawing program. If you want to use it, you need to download and install:

OpenOffice 2.0 Khmer/English installer for Windows. (98 MB)

OpenOffice 2.0 Khmer/English installer for Mac. (144 MB)

For Linux you can go to the download page and choose what you need.


Open OpenOffice Writer.

Go to Tools-->Options-->Language Setting-->Language

Set the "Locale Setting" field to "Khmer" .

Close the Window (OK)

And you are ready to work in Khmer.