Graphite is a project under development within SIL’s Non-Roman Script Initiative and Language Software Development groups to provide rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems on the Windows platform. (Work began in 1997 under the code name WinRend.) Graphite can be used to create "smart fonts" capable of displaying writing systems with various complex behaviors. With respect to the Text Encoding Model, Graphite handles the "Rendering" aspect of writing system implementation. Graphite is intended to serve as the principal non-Roman renderer for the FieldWorks package, the new generation of linguistic and translation tools under development within SIL. We also want to make the Graphite library available to any software developer who is working to develop multilingual text processing applications. Contact with inquiries.” Project manager is Graphite could have been interesting for this project if it was not the case that now Mozilla get support from Microsoft Uniscribe directly, so normal OpenType fonts can be used. Also, the possibility of using Pango in Linux Mozilla makes the use of this project unnecessary for Khmer... unless no support for printing is available, in which case Graphite could be an option for Mozilla support.