The Indic-Computing Project

“We create open-source infrastructural code, and provide technical documentation on Indian language computing issues. Our mailing lists provide forums where Indian language computing can be discussed. Indian language computing has yet to make a impact on the vast majority of the people living in the Indian subcontinent. There appear to be seven major factors hindering the adoption of computing in the subcontinent — these are examined in greater detail in our "Design Axes" paper. This SourceForge.Net project is attempting to address the factors that are adversely impacting the use of open-source for building Indian language computing infrastructure. We intend to serve the open-source community in three major ways:

  • by promoting developer education by creating a freely accessible, “open-source” Handbook covering Indian language computing.
  • by writing open-source software tools for real-world Indian language computing needs. Our development projects are open to all, and a few have applicability to more areas than just "Indic" computing.
  • and finally, by offering mailing lists on which issues related to Indian language software and Indian language standards can be discussed. “