Khmer Converter


From now, you don't have to worry about your data which is written in legacy font ( ABC, Limon...) and want to have them in unicode font or vice versa. With Khmerconverter enables you to convert in both directions and supports many legacy fonts and file formats as described in Key Features. More over, It even makes you easy because Graphical User Interface is now avaible. It is a platform independent which means that Windows, Linux or other platforms are also supported.

Key Features

  • Direction: From Legacy to Unicode and vice versa
  • Supported legacy fonts: ABC, ABC-zwsp, FK, Baidok, Khek, Limon, Truth, Kaohkong and RaksmeiKampuchea.
  • Supported file formats: Plain text, writer and HTML file.


If you want to use it, you need to download and install:

Khmer Converter for Windows v.1.5.1. (6.94 MB)
Python source code for Linux and others platforms v.1.5.1. (76.3KB)
KhmerConverter v.1.5.1 RPM package for openSuSE . (81.0KB),Please read User's guide


- Python2.4 to up and Python-Qt4 installed (for running in Linux)

Legacy to Unicode font converters

Lin Chear developed the first ABC font to Unicode converter that works on text files, producing HTML as output. A Windows version in ZIP format may be found here.

Then we got down to it here at the project office and have developed two new Windows converters that produce Khmer Unicode utf-8 text as output. One of them takes a Limon font plain text file as input and another one takes an ABC plain text file. We have worked on the little nuisances of conversion, trying to work out all the ambiguities in legacy fonts:

  • Differentiating between SRA U and the lower forms of TRAISAP and MUSIKATOAN.
  • Recognising most of the cases in which PO + SRA A are used instead of the letter NYO.
  • Getting most of the cases of Coeng TA and Coeng DA correctly.
  • Reordering Register Shifters and diacritics when they are located in the wrong place.
  • Reordering Vowels and Coeng consonants when they are in the wrong order.

You can use these programs in two different ways:

1) Simple way.

Turn your Limon or ABC file into a plain text file. In order to do this, if your document is a word document, use the menu item "Save as" and specify the format as "Plain text". This will create a file with the same name, but whose name ends in .txt.

Copy the Limon2Unicode.exe or ABC2Unicode.exe program (whichever one you need) to the same directory where your newly created .txt file is.

Drag the .txt file to the Limon2Unicode or ABC2Unicode program icon and drop it on the program itself. The program will automatically execute itself and create a new file in which .utf8 will be attached to it (you will end up with .txt.utf8 if you had .txt before). This new file is a Khmer Unicode file, you can just open it with Word, Notepad or any other program that is enabled to handle Unicode Khmer.

2) using the Windows Command prompt.

Using the Windows XP or Windows 2000 command prompt, you can execute the program with one or two arguments. If there is only one argument, it has to be the name of the plain text input file (output file name will be the same, but with .uft8 attached to it). If you use two arguments, the second will be the name of the output file.

These are the programs (version 1.8 of 11 January 2005)

Limon2Unicode.exe (Limon to Unicode Converter for Windows)

usage: Limon2Unicode inputfile outputfile

ABC2Unicode.exe (ABC to Unicode Converter for Windows)

usage: ABC2Unicode inputfile outputfile

These programs are copyrighted by Open Forum of Cambodia and released under LGPL license (meaning that you can do anything you want with them, except copyright them again with a different name). The code for both of them can be found here.

If you detect any bugs, please report them to the project coordinator.