List of Website that are using Khmer Unicode and other useful sites classified by their category:


  1. Ministr of Education, Youth and Sport:
  2. Ministry of Information
  3. E-government, Battambang-Town
  4. E-government, SiemReap-Town
  5. Ministry of Land Management〈=k
  6. Government-Private Sector Forum
  7. National Election Committee (NEC):

Local/International Organization and Embassy

  1. U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh
  2. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  3. Open Institute
  4. Audiovisual Resource Center
  5. Inthanou
  6. The Center for Social Development
  7. Catholic Church in Cambodia
  8. Anti Trafficking in Persons in Asia
  9. Society for Better Books in Cambodia
  10. - Equity Programmes broadcasting

University and School

  1. International Institute of Cambodia (IIC)
  2. East-West International School

Search Engine and Encyclopedia

  1. Google
  2. Wikipedia in Khmer
  3. Cambodia Website Directory
  4. Cambodian Search Engine

Bank in Cambodia

  2. ANZ Royal Bank Cambodia

Internet Service Provider

  1. City Link, Internet Service Provider
  2. Online, Internet Service Provider

Websites using Khmer Unicode and tech information

  1. KHUN Translation Service
  2. Forum in Khmer
  3. Product Electronics Reviews:

Blogs using Khmer Unicode

  1. About Khmer society:
  2. Areak Srok's blog
  3. khmerbird's blog
  4. sopheak's blog
  5. Wanna's Diary
  6. Chantra's Blog
  7. Joke 4 Everyone
  8. Reth Future
  9. Learn more
  10. Best Hoverboards reviews:
  11. Khmer help Khmer
  12. Khmer Legend
  14. BestYouth Blog
  15. Han 4U Blog
  16. Sangkum

Other useful websites:

  1. Top Ten Review Products:  Best Wireless Routers
  2. Best adjustable laptop stands