SILA Project (Graphite in Mozilla)

SILA is a Mozilla development effort supported by UNESCO and SIL International. It is a key component of a joint project between UNESCO and SIL being carried out within the framework of UNESCO's Initiative B@bel and SIL's Non-Roman Script Initiative. Initiative B@bel seeks to provide wider more equitable access to information content and services on the Internet for all users, (particularly developing countries and those in transition) by promoting linguistic diversity in cyberspace and using information and communication technologies (ICTs), to protect and preserve endangered languages. The development of technologies which enable minority language communities to publish on the Internet is a substantial contribution to this effort. Many language communities in the world today are not able to participate in the information age because their language cannot be implemented on today's computer systems. This causes a "digital divide". The goal of this project is to help eliminate this divide by designing and producing freely available software for these language communities. To learn more about this project please see here. See comment in Graphite project.