Linux Live CD in Khmer is Available

Do you hesitate to use Linux in Khmer language? Here the Linux Live CD in Khmer is available! What is Live CD? Live CD is a CD containing operating system that is executed upon boot, without installation to a hard disk drive. The operating system that stores in such a CD contains a complete functioning and operational operating system on the distribution medium. Normally, this kind of Live CD is used to test new operating system that you are not experienced before. If you like it you may install it to your hard disk drive.​ Using this CD does not break or affect your computer. Now KhmerOS has customized openSUSE 11.0 Live CD into our own Khmer Linux Live CD which is fully Khmer Unicode supported, Khmer language graphical interface, openOffice 2.1 with Khmer spell checker, Khmer converter and many other applications. If you want to try it you can contact KhmerOS office to get the CD. The download version will be coming soon.