Change Khmer Default Font for Windows Vista

+ Script to change the default system font for Khmer in Windows Vista from Daunpenh to KhmerOS System. Two applications are given to change the default font to KhmerOS system and to revert the change back to the original settings. Changes made through this script can be reverted to the original settings.

+ Install:
- If you do not have the KhmerOS fonts in your system, please use the corresponding KhmerOS installer for 32 or 64 bits, depending on the version of Windows you have on your computer. If you do not know if you Windows is 32 or 64 bits, check it by right-clicking on the "Computer" icon and opening "Properties". The information will be there.

- Double click on "fixVista.reg" and a dialog box will open. Click on "Run". You will asked to confirm three more times that you want to do this. Please respond "Yes", "Yes" and "Ok"to the three questions.

- Restart your computer.

In case you you want to revert to have Daunpenh as the default system font, please double click on restoreVista.reg, confirm by clicking on on "Run" and respond "Yes", "Yes" and "Ok"to the three questions and then restore your computer.

These scripts have been written by "Meka" and published in the website on May 2012.