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Localization is the process of adapting software for local use in different languages and cultures; it comprises of translation of the programs and their adaptation to local cultural conventions (time, date and currency differences).
In order to translate a program, you as the translator or the translation coordinator may need a translation editor tool that enables your translation process work faster and reliable. Wordforge is an alternative localization tool that has the set of functionalities required for operations performed by translators.

What's Wordforge?

Wordforge is a user friendly, very advanced computer-aided localization based on the intelligent use of Translation Memory Manager, Glossary Manager and Catalog Manager that makes the translation process simpler. Wordforge works with a standard XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) which can store huge amount of information enabled the translators' work even more easier.


  • Supported file types - .xlf, .xliff, .po, .pot, .tmx, .tbx.
  • Platform independent editor - Linux, Unix, Windows.
  • GPL license - Wordforge is a Free Software and released under GPL licensed; you can download it and run your own copy if you like. You can also help participate in the development in many ways (you don't have to be able to program)
  • Catalog Manager - a central place where you can see all files in your project with the statistic information (such as the number of untranslated strings, fuzzy strings, translated strings, total number of entries), file location, last revision and last translator
  • Glossary Manager - the advanced and intelligent technology to ensure that the translation term will be identical among translators. Usually, the glossary format has only the source string and its definitions. Wordforge tries to attract translator attention by offering the automatically identify and highlight glossary terms in Source strings and enable both mouse users and keyboard users easily get its definition.
  • Translation Memory - is usually called TM for short; it is used for storing the usable translation strings from the already translated file(s). It enables the translation process faster by not spending time on translating the same or similar strings.
  • SpellChecker - is a program that scans text you have typed for misspelled words. if it finds any misspelled word, it highlights each misspelled word in turn, and offers correct spelling suggestions for the misspelling.
  • Third Language - Be able to merge another language as third language of another file through GUI and Show window of Third language in main window.


There are a number of files for downloading, please download the one that needs your requirement from here

Please read the README.TXT file for how to install it.


(Main interface of Wordforge) Click Download here