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All font include Khmer and Latin alphabets, and they have equivalent sizes for Khmer and English alphabets, so that when texts mix both it is not necessary to have different size points of the text for each language. This makes localization possible. Khmer OS System is our system font. It is hinted, so that it can be used and clearly understood in small sizes. If you are using MS Windows, we recommend that you install this font before any other Khmer fonts, as the first Khmer Unicode font installed in the system is used by MS Office as a default when you type a Khmer characters and the current font does not include Khmer characters.

We have also developed a a couple of hand-writing fonts. Download and try Khmer OS Freehand and Khmer OS Fasthand. Our Moul font is Khmer Os Moul. If you like old style text, give KhmerOS Metal Chrien a try.

To install the fonts on Windows, just copy them to the c:\windows\fonts directory.

All KhmerOS fonts (developed by Danh Hong) are copyrighted by Danh Hong and Open Forum of Cambodia, and licensed under the LGPL license, meaning that you can do whatever you want with them (except copyrighting them again), even copy them and include them in your own commercial products. We do appreciate that distributors -whenever realistically possible- acknowledge Danh Hong's and Open Forum's copyright.

We also host here the Mondulkiri fonts developed by Didi Kanjahn.

You can also download free Unicode fonts from here,

You can buy other fonts from Danh Hong, from the website or from the Khek Brothers' website website.

If you are a Mac user, you probably want to get in touch with XTT.

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